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In an exciting development, NorthStone joined forces with Powertex UK in June 2018 to become an accredited tutor and distributor and this opened up many more creative avenues for wire and sculpture work. With NSJ Powertex I am developing a new arm of activity, with workshops and online tutorials in wire and mixed media. As Creative Team Leader for Cumbria, Dumfries & Galloway, I am also actively looking for new tutors for the team in these areas.


Powertex is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water based textile hardener which can be used to create all sorts of weird and wonderful things, many using recycled materials. It is also water resistant so as well as notebook covers, canvases, figurines, fairie houses and teapots, you can make garden sculptures, plant pots, door signs, the only limit is your imagination!


Many Powertex sculptures use wire to create the support structure, so it made sense to combine with this medium. As well as the core Powertex workshops, I hope to develop new mixed media workshops and tutorials for using wire with Powertex. Introductory workshops start from just £20! You can visit for more ideas and information.


If you haven't experienced this medium before, don't worry, you are in for a fabulous treat! Whether you think you are artistic or not, I can show you how to make amazing creations even as a complete beginner.


Here are just some of the items you can make. New workshops are being added all the time.  Workshop availability and prices can be found in the Workshops section and you can follow the Facebook page NSJ Powertex for the latest information.


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